Friday, March 10, 2017

A Phone Call to Scott Pruitt –Head of the EPA

I said I would call Scott Pruitt and I did. But his phone does not answer and does not take messages. So I sent him an email and that’ll do for now until his phone line frees up. In that email I basically said what I would have told him over the phone. That is (and for the sake of sharing it):
This message is for Mr Scott Pruitt. 
Hi, I am one of your (millions of) employers. I am writing to you, Mr Pruitt, to inform you about the mission of your agency. Let’s start by its name: it is called the "Environmental PROTECTION Agency". I suppose that kind of says it all but let me develop this idea a little. Its job is not about creating jobs, rather it is to listen to science and public health experts who inform us about pollutants and harmful chemicals. You, Mr. Pruitt, don’t get to define what those are, unless it is the result of independent, peer-reviewed scientific publications. However it is your job to implement PROTECTIONS so that we, your bosses - the People of America - can breathe, drink, eat safely, can have children without losing them before birth, have them with no deformities or congenital problems, and have us safe of developing ailments of all sorts prematurely... 
What you call regulations or constraints are in truth PROTECTIONS. You don’t remove those without having us, the large majority of your bosses, fighting to get you out of a course that is against the life of the people. Your job again -because it is to protect the environment- is to understand the uncontested body of evidence behind climate change and work with experts towards finding and implementing solutions. And, yes, I use the word ‘uncontested’ on purpose. The science has been agreed upon by more than 97% of the scientific community. The 3 other % do not constitute the base of a debate Mr Pruitt, they are the exception - that’s different. Exceptions are, for example, when you get into your car, there is a very tiny possibility that it may explode and kill you. I know  It's not the greatest example, but that'll do for now. Anyway, don’t worry. It’s ok: you can get in that car and nothing should happen (the overwhelming majority of the times). You’ll be fine. This risk does not invalidate the solidity and overall safety of your car's brand (or cars generally). 
So, get back on track. Let the true experts do their job at protecting the environment and our people. 
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03/11/10 Update: I actually sent 2 emails. One to the EPA Climate Change contact yesterday. And one today directly addressed to him since a friend of mine gave me his email address.

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