Friday, February 1, 2019

"You can only protect what you love"... Not so much!

We have to acknowledge that we are operating in a world where true/deep ecological knowledge is inexistent. Basically, we have to develop ecological literacy from the ground up. 

In my view, one way to do it is through real knowledge and respect.

I often hear: "Inspire Love of nature", "you only protect what you love". I totally disagree. Get the pressure off our shoulders and the shoulders of the public! It's hard to love and even more to love 'right'! 

Besides, it's also a fallacy. Do we really think that all the heroes that hid Jewish people from Nazis were loving the people they protected? No!  

It's actually not about love, it's first and foremost about understanding and respect.  

If in the process of understanding and respecting Nature, one come to love Nature, then make sure that it never becomes a suffocating kind of love. 

Always 'love' nature for what it is, never for what you want it to be.

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